2017 Legislation

The purpose of ANA\C’s public policy agenda is to advance the profession of nursing and assure that all Californians have access to safe, timely, appropriate and high quality health care, including access to professional nursing care. ANA\C works to achieve these goals through health policy strategies developed by our Board of Directors with input from our membership.

ANA\C is actively involved in California’s Legislative process. The ANA\C legislative team regularly reviews bills, monitors legislation and regulations, establishes legislative positions and communicates with legislators, Capitol staff, coalition partners and other appropriate regulatory agencies and key stakeholders. When assessing legislation and its impact on nursing, health care and our patients and communities, ANA\C will adopt a position regarding specific bills: Support, Oppose or Watch. As these bills move through the process, that position may change. Once, important legislation is identified, ANA\C regularly tracks these bills and provides updates to our members.

This webpage describes legislation important to RNs in California. Information about these bills and others that are introduced during this legislative session will be frequently updated as ANA\C continues to represent the voice of nursing in California’s public policy arena. If you have comments or questions, email us at: legislation@anacalifornia.org



AB 9 - Garcia (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Watch

Sales And Use Taxes: Exemption: Sanitary Napkins

Exempts from certain taxes the gross receipts from the sale and the storage, use, or other consumption in the State of tampons, sanitary napkins, menstrual sponges, and menstrual cups.

AB 10 - Garcia (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Watch

Feminine Hygiene Products: School and College Bathrooms

Requires public and private schools to have restroom facilities that are open during school hours, and at all times to keep every restroom maintained and cleaned regularly, fully operational, and stocked with soap and paper supplies. Requires public and private institutions of higher education to provide an adequate supply of feminine hygiene products at each campus in a specified manner. Sets forth requirements for emergency housing shelters

AB 40 - Santiago (D)

Status: Senate Second Reading File
ANA\C Position: Support

CURES Database: Health Information System

Requires the Department of Justice to make the electronic history of controlled substances dispensed to an individual under a health care practitioner's care available to the practitioner through either an online Internet Web portal or an authorized health information technology system.

AB 44 - Reyes (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Workers' Compensation: Terrorist Attacks

Requires employers to provide immediately accessible advocacy services to employees injured in the course of employment by an act of domestic terrorism, as defined, when the Governor has declared a state of emergency due to that act of domestic terrorism.

AB 156 - Wood (D)

Status: Senate Third Reading File
ANA\C Position: Watch

Individual Market: Single Risk Pool: Index Rate

Relates to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the California Health Benefit Exchange. Deletes a reference to the federal transitional reinsurance program.

AB 164 - Arambula (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Food Assistance

Requires the Department of Social Services to develop a system to respond to changing needs for food assistance and to provide benefits for specific needs. Sets forth criteria for the system, including requiring the system to be compatible with and utilize the EBT in accordance with federal law.

AB 182 - Waldron (R)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Heroin and Opioid Public Education Act

Requires the Department of Health Care Services to implement a public awareness campaign, to be known as the Heroin and Opioid Public Education Act. Requires the program to provide public dissemination of case stories and other information designed to describe the effects and warning signs of heroin use and opioid medication abuse and to effectuate the dissemination by using every available type of media.

AB 186 - Eggman (D)

Status: Senate Third Reading File
ANA\C Position: Watch

Controlled Substances: Safer Drug Consumption Program

Authorizes a city, county, or city and county to authorize the operation of supervised injection services programs for adults that satisfy specified requirements, including, a space supervised by healthcare professionals or other trained staff where people who use drugs can consume pre-obtained drugs, sterile consumption supplies, and access to referrals to addiction treatment. Exempts a person from existing criminal sanctions while he or she is using or operating a supervised injection services program.

AB 191 - Wood (D)

Status: Senate Third Reading File
ANA\Position: Watch

Mental Health: Involuntary Treatment

Amends an existing law which provides that when a person, as a result of a mental health disorder, is a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled, he or she may be taken into custody and placed in a facility for evaluation and treatment. Includes a licensed marriage and family therapist and a licensed professional clinical counselor in the list of professionals who are authorized to sign a specified notice under specified circumstances.

AB 223 - Eggman (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Watch

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth: Services

Amends an existing law which authorizes the County of Alameda to create a pilot project for the purposes of developing a model to address the needs and treatment of commercially sexually exploited minors. Requires the Board of State and Community Corrections to establish a pilot project in certain counties to test a service model that would produce improved outcomes for youth victims of human trafficking. Provides that the program may be created by a county probation department or child welfare agency.

AB 224 - Thurmond (D)

Status: Senate Business, Professions & Economic Development Committee

Dentistry: Anesthesia and Sedation

Amends the Dental Practices Act. Redefines anesthesia. Extends certain licensing criteria to dentists administering deep sedation. Requires dentists to have a pediatric endorsement and to have completed specified training in order to administer certain drugs to patients under a certain age. Makes other changes concerning sedation.

AB 229 Baker (R)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee

Human Trafficking: Vertical Prosecution Program

Requires the Office of Emergency Services to allocate and award funds to district attorney offices that employ a vertical prosecution methodology for the prosecution of human trafficking crimes.

AB 244 Cervantes (D)

Status: Assembly Health Committee

Maternal Mental Health

Creates a pilot program, in counties that elect to participate, designed to increase the capacity of health providers that serve pregnant and postpartum women up to one year after delivery to effectively prevent, identify, and manage postpartum depression and other mental health conditions. Provides that the pilot program would be privately funded.

AB 254 Thurmond (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Local Educational Agency Pilot for Overall Needs

Requires the establishment of the Local Educational Agency Pilot for Overall Needs program for the purpose of improving the mental health outcomes of certain students through a whole person care approach that is accomplished by providing funding to an eligible participant for the provision of direct health services. Requires an LEA receiving funding through the program to use funds in a specified manner. Provides for health insurance reimbursement. 

AB 265 Wood (D)

Status: Senate Third Reading File
ANA\C Position: Watch

Prescription Drugs: Prohibition on Price Discount

Prohibits a person who manufactures a prescription drug from offering any discount, repayment, product voucher, or other reduction in an individual's out-of-pocket expenses, including a copayment or deductible, for any prescription drug if a lower cost brand name or nonbrand name drug is available.

AB 286 Gipson (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Watch

Medi-Cal: Beneficiary Maintenance: Home Upkeep: Funds

Establishes eligibility and other requirements for providing a home upkeep allowance or a transitional needs fund to Medi-Cal patients residing in a long-term care facility. Prescribes general requirements as well as specific requirements both for facility residents who intend to leave a facility and return to an existing home, who would receive the home upkeep allowance, and for residents who do not have a home but intend to leave the facility and establish a new home.

AB 305 Arambula (D)

Status: Assembly Education Committee

School Accountability Report Card: Drinking Water

Amends the Classroom Instructional Improvement and Accountability Act to require a specified school accountability report card to include an assessment of the drinking water access points at each school site. Requires the State Department of Education to compile the assessments and transmit them to the State Water Resources Control Board.

AB 387 Thurmond (D)

Status: Signed by Governor

Minimum Wage: Health Professionals: Interns

Expands the definition of employer for purposes of minimum wage provisions to include a person who exercises control over wages, hours, or working conditions of a person engaged in a period of supervised work experience to satisfy requirements for licensure, registration, or certification as an allied health professional.

AB 401 Aguiar-Curry (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Pharmacy: Remote Dispensing Site Pharmacy: Telepharmacy

Requires the State Board of Pharmacy to issue remote dispensing site pharmacy licenses. Requires such pharmacies to be located in a medically underserved area unless approved by the Board. Authorizes a pharmacy located in the State to serve as a supervising pharmacy to provide telepharmacy services for up to a certain number of remote dispensing sites. Authorizes a licensed remote dispensing site pharmacy, as defined, to order dangerous drugs and devices and controlled substances.

AB 402 Thurmond (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Occupational Safety and Health Standards: Plume

Requires the Division of Occupational Safety and Health to convene an advisory committee to develop a regulation that requires a health facility to evacuate or remove plume through the use of a plume scavenging system in all settings that employ techniques that involve the creation of plume and would authorize certain entities and people to be on the advisory committee, including, practicing physicians and surgeons from affected specialties.

AB 422 Arambula (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

CSU: Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Program

Authorizes the California State University to establish Doctor of Nursing Practice degree programs that offer Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees. Requires the California State University to provide initial funding and private donations or other nonstate funds to fund startup costs for the programs.

AB 470 Arambula (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee

Medi-Cal: Specialty Mental Health Services

Requires the Department of Health Care Services to create a performance outcome dashboard for specialty mental health services provided to eligible Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Requires the Department to convene a stakeholder advisory committee comprised of special representatives to help create a plan for such dashboard. Requires the Department to post updated reports on its Internet Web site.

AB 569 Gonzalez (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Discrimination: Reproductive Health

Amends provisions of labor law relating to the obligations of an employer to prohibit an employer from taking any adverse employment action against an employee based on the use of any drug, device, or medical service related to reproductive health by an employee or employee's dependent or requiring an employee to sign a waiver or other document that purports to deny any employee the right to make his or her own reproductive health care decisions, including the use of a particular drug, device, or service.

AB 643 Frazier (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee

Pupil Instruction: Abusive Relationships

Requires the information included in the instruction about adolescent relationship abuse and intimate partner violence to also include the early warning signs thereof. Imposes additional duties on school districts.

AB 836 Chiu (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Watch

Vending Machines: Bulk Food

Authorizes juice stored in bulk containers that were filled at a commissary or at the manufacturer's or food processor's plant to be dispensed from a vending machine that is temperature controlled at a specified temperature into single-serving containers provided internally from the machine. Requires nonpasteurized juice dispensed from a vending machine to be replaced within a certain time period and to include a label at the point of sale that states the juice is not pasteurized.

AB 859 Eggman (D)

Status: Senate Rules Committee
ANA\C Position: Watch

Elder and Dependent Adults: Abuse or Neglect

Applies a preponderance of the evidence standard to any claim brought against a residential care facility for the elderly or a skilled nursing facility for remedies sought pursuant to the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act, upon circumstances in which spoliation of evidence has been committed by the defendant. Makes conforming changes to a related provision.

AB 882 Arambula (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Pupil Health Care Services: Task Force

Establishes the School Nursing and Pupil Health Care Services Task Force. Specifies that the main task of the task force shall be to identify model school health care services programs and practices that directly serve pupils that can be used by county offices of education and school districts to provide support and technical assistance to schools within each jurisdiction in order to improve the safety and quality of health care services to pupils.

AB 893 Garcia E (D)

Status: Senate Health Committee

Healing Arts: Employment

Authorizes the Pioneers Memorial Health Care District, until a specified date, to conduct a pilot program pursuant to which it may employ licensees and charge for professional services rendered by those licensees if the medical staff concur by an affirmative vote that the professional's employment is in the best interest of the communities served by the district and the district does not direct or interfere with the professional judgment of a physician and surgeon.

AB 992 Arambula (D)

Status: Senate Human Services Committee

CalWORKs: Baby Wellness and Family Support

Establishes the Baby Wellness and Family Support Home Visiting Program to require the State Department of Social Services to allocate funds to counties to provide voluntary home visiting programs. Authorizes the funds to be used to coordinate early home visiting services with diaper bank services. Requires the Department to develop and disseminate an informing notice to ensure that all assistance units, as specified, are aware of the program and their ability to participate.

AB 1102 Rodriguez (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee

Health Facilities: Whistleblower Protections

Increases the maximum fine for a misdemeanor violation of provisions that prohibit a health facility from discriminating or retaliating against an individual who has presented a grievance or participated in an investigation or administrative proceeding related to the quality of care, services, or conditions at the facility.

AB 1240 Fong (R)

Status: Assembly 

Health Care Coverage: Essential Health Benefits

Relates to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which provides for the California Health Benefit Exchange, to make a technical change to a provision requiring an individual or small group health care service plan contract to cover certain essential health benefits.

AB 1258 Aguiar-Curry (D)

Status: Assembly Human Services Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Developmental Services

Provides that persons with developmental disabilities have certain rights, including a right to prompt medical care and treatment and a right to be free from harm. Specifies that it is declaratory of existing law that those rights apply to a person with developmental disabilities in a developmental center, community placement, or other housing placement.

AB 1316 Quirk (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee

Public Health: Childhood Lead Poisoning: Prevention

Requires that regulations establishing a standard of care include a risk assessment for determining whether a child is at risk for lead poisoning that considers the most significant environmental risk factors. Clarifies that the lead screening is not paid for by funds of the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Fund. Makes conforming changes.

AB 1382 Grayson (D)

Status: Assembly Higher Education Committee
ANA\C Position: Watch

Community Colleges: STEM Course Fees

Provides that persons with developmental disabilities have certain rights, including a right to prompt medical care and treatment and a right to be free from harm. Specifies that it is declaratory of existing law that those rights apply to a person with developmental disabilities in a developmental center, community placement, or other housing placement.

AB 1560 Friedman (D)

Status: Senate Third Reading File

Physician and Surgeon Supervision

Prohibits a physician or surgeon from supervising more than a specified number of nurse practitioners, certified-nurse midwives, and physician assistants at any one time.

AB 1612 Burke (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee; 2-year bill
ANA\C Position: Support

Nursing: Nurse-Midwives

Repeals the requirement that a certified nurse-midwife be under the supervision of a licensed physician and surgeon. Authorizes a certified nurse-midwife to furnish and order drugs and devices related to care rendered in a home under certain circumstances. Authorizes a certified nurse-midwife to perform and repair episiotomies and other lacerations in a home setting and an accredited birth center.

AB 1650 Maienschein (R)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee

Emergency Medical Services: Paramedicine

Creates the Community Paramedic Program in the Emergency Medical Services Authority to provide specified services, such as case management services and linkage to nonemergency services for frequent EMS system users, through local community paramedic programs. Requires the authority to develop criteria to qualify services for participation in the program, develop an application process for local EMS agencies seeking to participate in the program, and to review and approve applications for participation.

CA HR 6 Burke (D)

Status: Adopted
ANA\C Position: Support

Women's Reproductive Health

Urges the President and the Congress to express their support for a woman's fundamental right to control her own reproductive decisions, and well as their support for access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including the services provided by Planned Parenthood.



SB 17 - Hernandez (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee

Health Care: Prescription Drug Costs

Requires health care service plans or health insurers that file certain rate information to report specified cost information regarding covered prescription drugs, including generic drugs, brand name drugs, and specialty drugs. Requires the publication of a certain report. Establishes notification requirements for manufacturer of a prescription drug that is purchased or reimbursed by specified purchasers, including state agencies, health care service plans, health insurers, and pharmacy benefit managers.

SB 18 - Pan (D)

Status: Senate Rules Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California

Creates the Joint Legislative Committee on Children and Youth to develop "California's Promise to its Children and Youth," a framework for the care and welfare of children and youth in various contexts, including health care, nutrition, homeless assistance, education, and foster care.

SB 23 - Portantino (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Public Health: Umbilical Cord Blood Collection

Extends provisions of the Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program, created for the purpose of collecting units of umbilical cord blood for public use in transplantation and for specified research. Requires the collection of a specified fee for a certified copy of a birth certificate.

SB 27 - Morrell (R)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Professions and Vocations: Licenses: Military Service

Requires every board within the Department of Consumer Affairs to grant a fee waiver for the application for and the issuance of an initial license to an applicant who supplies satisfactory evidence to the board that the applicant has served as an active duty member of the California National Guard or the United States Armed Forces and was honorably discharged.

SB 43 - Hill (D)

Status: Assembly Health Committee
ANA\C Position: Watch

Antimicrobial-Resistant Infection: Reporting

Requires specified general acute care hospitals and clinical laboratories to submit an antibiogram of the facility each year. Requires the Antimicrobial Stewardship and Resistance Subcommittee to develop and recommend the acceptable electronic format for the report and a method for accurate estimation of deaths that result from specified antimicrobial resistant infections. Requires a report of this data to be published and posted on the Web site. Relates to disclosure of information.

SB 133 - Hernandez (D)

Status: Assembly Third Reading File
ANA\C Position: Watch

Individual Market: Single Risk Pool: Index Rate

Relates to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the California Health Benefit Exchange, and the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act. Deletes certain references to a federal transitional reinsurance program.

SB 134 - Hernandez (D)

Status: Assembly Inactive File
ANA\C Position: Watch

Small Group Market: Single Risk Pool: Index Rate

Relates to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the California Health Benefit Exchange, and the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act. Deletes certain references to a federal transitional reinsurance program.

SB 169 - Jackson (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee

Education: Sex Equity

Relates to federal Title IX regulations. Defines sexual harassment to include sexual violence. Requires the governing board of each school that receives state financial assistance to comply with requirements to receive that assistance, including adopting and publishing grievance procedures for prompt and equitable resolution of student sexual harassment complaints at the school and designating at least one employee of the school to act as a sex equity coordinator.

SB 172 - Portantino (D)

Status: Senate Appropriations Committee

Health Care Coverage: Fertility Preservation

Expands the definition of basic health care services to include standard fertility preservation services when a medically necessary treatment may directly or indirectly cause iatrogenic infertility. Requires an individual or group health insurance policy issued, amended, or renewed on or after the specified date, that covers hospital, medical, or surgical expenses to include coverage for standard fertility preservation services.

SB 176 - Bates (R)

Status: Senate Public Safety Committee

Controlled Substances: Fentanyl and Carfentanil

Classifies carfentanil, an opiate, in Schedule II. Makes the provision imposing an additional term and fine applicable with respect to a substance containing carfentanil or fentanyl.

SB 239 - Wiener (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee

Infectious and Communicable Diseases: HIV and AIDS

Relates to criminal penalties concerning HIV and AIDS. Makes the intentional transmission of an infectious or communicable disease, a misdemeanor. Imposes requirements upon the court in order to prevent the public disclosure of the identifying characteristics of a complainant and defendant. Makes changes concerning defendants convicted of prostitution that received positive test results for AIDS. Makes the reckless exposure of another to an infectious or communicable disease punishable as a misdemeanor.


SB 245 - Leyva (D)

Status: Assembly Human Services Committee
ANA\C Position: Watch

Foster Youth: Sexual Health Education

Requires, for certain youth in foster care a case plan to include documentation that the youth has received comprehensive sexual health education. Requires the development of a curriculum for case management workers and foster care providers that addresses certain topics related to sexual and reproductive health care. Requires these topics be addressed in certain training, including, for administrator certification programs for group homes and short-term residential therapeutic programs.

SB 250 - Hertzberg (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Watch

Pupil Meals: Child Hunger Prevention and Fair Treatment

Enacts the Child Hunger Prevention and Fair Treatment Act. Requires certain local educational agencies to develop a plan to ensure that a pupil whose parent or guardian has unpaid school meal fees is not shamed or treated differently than a pupil whose parent does not have unpaid fees. Requires a local educational agency to identify families with unpaid school meal fees, and to exhaust all options and methods to directly certify the pupil for free or reduced-price meals.

SB 294 - Hernandez (D)

Status: Assembly Third Reading File
ANA\C Position: Support

Hospices: Palliative Care

Amends the California Hospice Licensure Act of 1990, which authorizes licensed hospices to provide certain services, including preliminary palliative care consultations. Expands the definition of palliative care to include relief of symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious, life threatening, or advanced illness, in addition to a terminal illness, without regard to the length of the patient's remaining period of life. Authorizes a hospice to provide the same services to a patient who is not a hospice patient.

SB 309 - Jackson (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

License Plates: Reproductive Freedom Fund

Requires the Department of Health Care Services to apply to sponsor a reproductive freedom license plate program.

SB 320 Leyva (D)

Status: Senate Education Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Public Health: Public Postsecondary Education

Expresses findings and declarations relating to the availability of abortion by techniques at on-campus student health centers at public postsecondary educational institutions. Requires student health insurance plans offered by campuses of the California State University and the California Community Colleges to include coverage of abortion. Requires certain campuses to offer abortion by medication techniques and scientifically accurate abortion counseling services to their students.

SB 349 Lara (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Oppose

Chronic Dialysis Clinics: Staffing Requirements

Establishes minimum staffing requirements for chronic dialysis clinics and establish a minimum transition time between patients receiving dialysis services at a treatment station. Requires chronic dialysis clinics to maintain certain information relating to minimum staffing and transition time requirements. Deletes a certain exception for end stage renal disease facilities. Provides for certain inspections.

SB 457 Bates (R)

Status: Senate Business, Professions & Economic Development Committee

Out-of-Hospital Childbirths: Physicians and Surgeons

Requires that a licensed physician and surgeon, a licensed midwife, and a certified nurse-midwife only attend cases of pregnancy and out-of-hospital childbirth, as defined, when specified conditions are met. Requires the use of a self-screening form to identify patient or client risk factors for out-of-hospital childbirth. Requires specified disclosures.

SB 512 Hernandez (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee

Health Care Practitioners: Stem Cell Therapy

Requires a licensed health care practitioner who performs a stem cell therapy that is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration to communicate to his or her patient specified information regarding stem cell therapies on a specified notice in a prominent display in an area visible to patients in his or her office, posted conspicuously in the entrance of his or her office, and provided in writing to the patient prior to providing the stem cell therapy. Provides for exceptions.

SB 554 Stone (R)

Status: Senate Unfinished Business
ANA\C Position: Watch

Nurse Practitioners:  Physician Assistants: Buprenorphin

Prohibits construing the Nursing Practice Act, the Physician Assistant Practice Act or any provision of state law from prohibiting a nurse practitioner or physician assistant from furnishing or ordering buprenorphine when done in compliance with the provisions of the Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act.

SB 562 Lara (D)

Status: Assembly
ANA\C Position: Watch

The Healthy California Act

Creates the Healthy California program to provide comprehensive universal single-payer health care coverage and a health care cost control system for the benefit of all residents of the state. Provides that the program incorporates benefits from existing programs. Provides for the participation of health care providers int he program. Creates the Healthy California Trust Fund for financing of the program. Authorizes providers to collectively negotiate rates of payment.

SB 743 Hernandez (D)

Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Medi Cal: Family Planning Providers

Prohibits Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans from restricting the choice of a qualified provider from whom a beneficiary enrolled in the plan may receive family planning services. Requires a Medi-Cal managed care plan to reimburse an out-of-plan or out-of-network qualified provider at the applicable fee-for-service rate.

SB 799 Hill (D)

Status: Assembly Business and Professions Committee
ANA\C Position: Support

Board of Registered Nursing: Sunset Extension

Relates to the Nursing Practice Act. Amends an existing law which, on January 1, 2018, repeals provisions establishing the Board of Registered Nursing and a specified executive officer position.

CA SR 26 Hernandez (D)

Status: Adopted
ANA\C Position: Support

Affordable Care Act

Affirms the Senates strong support for the Affordable Care Act and calls upon the United States Congress to reject any effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act unless it is simultaneously replaced with an alternative program that meets the standards clearly and consistently articulated by President Trump.