California Community Colleges Move To Baccalaureate Degrees

Information regarding various programs both locally and nationally are found on this page. The information is listed chronologically.

California Information

A letter from Chancellor J. Scott to Chancellor Charles Reed of California State University about the Streamlining Nursing Education.



June 22, 2014: Chancellor Constance Carroll was a featured guest on NBC San Diego television program Politically Speaking, which aired on this date to discuss the community college baccalaureate initiative and Senate Bill 850. Here is a link to that interview. To learn more about SB 850 visit the billfolder page.


March 4, 2014: Board of Governors Meeting: A report from Dr. Constance Carroll, Chancellor San Diego Community College District.


California State Assembly Committee on Higher Education 2013-14 schedule for their committee hearings are listed for your convenience.

Report from California Community Colleges Baccalaureate Degree Study Group

SB 850 Block: This bill would authorize the Chancellor of the CA Community Colleges to authorize the establishment of one baccalaureate degree pilot program per campus per district. Read the bill to learn more.

The legislative intent is to have the RN faculty (with a minimum of MSN degree) teach the upper division courses leading to a BSN degree. This bill complies with the BRN regulations for nursing faculty. This would require the RN faculty to redistribute the courses to include courses leading to the BSN degree. The CC Chancellor's Office has a nursing task force writing the CCC BSN curriculum. I assume the CCC BSN curriculum will see BRN approval. I would expect the CCC campuses that award baccalaureate degrees be designated as a 4-year college campus. This is the structure 24 states use now. I would expect the CCC BSN programs would include a LVN to BSN tract similar to the CSU nursing programs. Please review the CA Title 5 education code "Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges. Louise Timmer, Past President ANA\C



The Research and Planning Group for California Community Colleges (RP Group) recently concluded a 5-year, comprehensive study of student transfer between California's community colleges and universities in 5 career majors, including nursing. The report features a number of key findings about nursing transfer in California's community colleges. Read the report. You can also visit their web site at


Rhode Island MIDDI: College Charter School.

Florida Prepaid College Plans: Comprehensive plan offered to families across a wide-range of financial situations providing a pathway to a college education.



AB 2400 and Fact Sheet-Background Information provided by Louise Timmer, Ed.D, RN.

AB 2400 (Block, Anderson, and Hill): Public Post-secondary Education Community Colleges: Baccalaureate degree pilot program.


AB 1455 (Hill): Community Colleges: Baccalaureate degree-pilot program.


A02480-New York State Bill-BSN as entry into practice.

Bachelor of Science at Community College Task Force Recommendations.

SB 1393 (Scott) Nursing Programs (a matriculation bill): This bill would prohibit a campus of the CA State University or California Community College systems from requiring a student of a registered nursing program with a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution to complete any coursework other than that which is unique and exclusively required to earn a nursing degree from that institution. This bill specifies that a district is prohibited from either excluding an applicant on the basis that the applicant is not a district resident or has not completed prerequisite courses in that district, or from implementing policies, procedures, and systems, including, but not limited to, priority registration systems, that have the effect of excluding an applicant or student who is not a resident of that district from a registered nursing program of that district. This bill has been chaptered.


ANA\C General Assembly Resolution. Collaborative Method to Assist Students to Obtain Baccalaureate.

AACN Media: Creating a More Highly Qualified Nursing Workforce.


Comparison of Nursing Units between Community Colleges and California State University Nursing Programs.

Arizona Nurses Association White Paper Community Colleges Awarding Baccalaureate degrees in Nursing.


Baccalaureate Options in Florida.

ESSHB 1794-Washington State Bill baccalaureate degree to under served areas.

AACN Position Statement on Baccalaureate Nursing Programs Offered by Community Colleges.


American Association of State Colleges and Universities: Update on the Community College Baccalaureate(CCBA).

Project MUSE: Community College as a Baccalaureate-Granting Institution.


Best Educational E-Practices (BEEP).

Higher Learning Commission Task force Summary of Baccalaureate Education in Community College Setting.

CAL-ANSWERS CA Workforce Issues: "The Nursing Shortage in California: The Public Policy Role of The California Strategic Planning Committee For Nursing" by Sara Keating RN, Ed.D, FAAN; Karen Sechrist. RN, PhD, FAAN.

The Higher Learning Commission North Central Association of Colleges and Schools-Task Force Baccalaureate Education in the Community College Setting. Read the Task Force Executive Summary February 23, 2001. Read the Task Force Meeting Report from October 31-November, 2000.


Other Supporting Information

AACN White Paper: Hallmarks of Professional Nursing Practice Environment What Every Nursing School Graduate Should Consider When Seeking Employment.

California Board of Registered Nursing 2008-2009 Annual School Report.