ANA\C Resolutions & Other Important Documents

Resolutions are passed at the annual General Assembly. All official Resolutions of ANA\C will be posted here.


2014 Resolution:

Healthy Nurse Initiative Support: ANA California's Commitment to the Well-Being of Nurses in Our State.

2013 Resolution

Addressing The Penalty for Assaulting Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals in the Workplace.

2009 Resolution

Support Measures to Prevent Harm Related to Drunk Driving

2007 Resolutions

New Graduate Nurses Residency/Internship Programs

Strategy to Address Nursing Shortage: BSN Programs Offered by Community Colleges

Strategy to Address Nursing Shortage: Increase Funding for Faculty Salaries

Strategy to Address Nursing Shortage: Offer Funding for the Private Colleges

Strategy to Address Stress, Attrition Rates and the Facilitation of a Broader Student Diversity Base as it Relates to Nursing Schools: Incorporate Support Groups in all California Pre-licensure Nursing Programs


2005 Resolutions

Strategies To Address The Nursing Shortage

Establishment of a Single California Board of Nursing

Use of Simulation Laboratories in Pre-Licensure Nursing Programs

All 2005 Resolutions in One Document


2004 Resolutions

Access to Health Care in California

Uniform Advanced Practice Nursing Titling Language

Nursing Issues and Nursing's Role in Genetics and Its Therapeutic and Reproductive Applications in Science

Supporting Public Health Nurses and Their Role in Strengthening the Public Infrastructure

Resolution of Shared Governance and Work Place Advocacy

All 2004 Resolutions in One Document