2018 Legislation

The purpose of ANA\C’s public policy agenda is to advance the profession of nursing and assure that all Californians have access to safe, timely, appropriate and high quality health care, including access to professional nursing care. ANA\C works to achieve these goals through health policy strategies developed by our Board of Directors with input from our membership.

The ANA\C legislative team regularly reviews bills, monitors legislation and regulations, establishes legislative positions and communicates with legislators, Capitol staff, coalition partners and other appropriate regulatory agencies and key stakeholders. When assessing legislation and its impact on nursing, health care and our patients and communities, ANA\C will adopt a position regarding specific bills: Support, Oppose or Watch. As these bills move through the process, that position may change. Once, important legislation is identified, ANA\C regularly tracks these bills and provides updates to our members.

This webpage describes legislation important to RNs in California. Information about these bills and others that are introduced during this legislative session will be frequently updated as ANA\C continues to represent the voice of nursing in California’s public policy arena. If you have comments or questions, email us at: [email protected]

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AB 827 - Rubio (D)

Disposition: Failed - Adjourned

Task Force: Foreign-Trained Professionals

Creates the California Opportunity Act to require the Department of Consumer Affairs to create a task force to study and write a report of its findings and recommendations regarding the licensing of foreign-trained professionals with the goal of integrated them into the state's workforce. Requires the task force to hold open meetings at least once each calendar quarter.

AB 992 - Arambula (D)

Disposition: Failed - Adjourned
ANA\C Position: Support

CalWORKs: Baby Wellness and Family Support

Establishes the Baby Wellness and Family Support Home Visiting Program to require the State Department of Social Services to allocate funds to counties to provide voluntary home visiting programs. Authorizes the funds to be used to coordinate early home visiting services with diaper bank services. Requires the Department to develop and disseminate an informing notice to ensure that all assistance units, as specified, are aware of the program and their ability to participate.


AB 1795 - Gipson (D)

Disposition: Failed - Adjourned

Emergency Medical Services: Behavioral Health Facility

Authorizes a local emergency medical services agency to submit, as part of its emergency medical services plan, a plan to transport specified patients who meet triage criteria to a behavioral health facility or a sobering center. Authorizes a city or county to designate, and contract with, a sobering center to receive patients and establishes sobering center standards.

AB 1998 - Rodriguez (D)

Disposition: Failed - Adjourned

Opioids: Safe Prescribing Protocol

Requires every health care practitioner authorized to prescribe certain opioids to adopt a safe prescribing protocol. Requires the practitioner to note the reason the protocol was not followed if adherence is not appropriate for a patient's condition. Makes the failure to develop or adhere to the protocol unprofessional conduct and enforceable by the practitioner's licensing board.

AB 2010 - Chau (D)

Disposition: Failed - Adjourned

Juvenile Facilities: Chemical Agents

Prohibits an officer or employee of a juvenile facility from possessing any chemical agent in a juvenile facility. Allows pepper spray to be used in a juvenile facility as a last resort when necessary to suppress a riot when authorized by a juvenile facility administrator or designee.

AB 2140 - Maienschein (R)

Disposition: Failed - Adjourned

Home Health Agencies: Waiver Program: Nurses

Requires the State Department of Public Health, to begin collaborating with stakeholders to create a waiver program, to permit home health agencies to obtain a waiver of the one year prior professional nursing requirements imposed by the department in regulation.

AB 2315 - Quirk-Silva (D)

Disposition: Enacted

Pupil Health: Mental Health Services: Telehealth 

Requires the State Department of Education to develop guidelines for the use of telehealth technology in public schools, including charter schools, to provide mental health and behavioral health services to pupils on school campuses on or before a certain date. Requires the Department to post the guidelines on its website on or before that same date.

AB 2405 - Patterson (R)

Disposition: Failed in Assembly

Controlled Substances: Carfentanil

Classifies carfentanil, an opiate, in Schedule II. Punishes the possession, sale, or purchase for sale of carfentanil by imprisonment in a county jail for 6, 7, or 8 years, the transportation, importation, sale, furnishing, administering, or giving away of cerfentanil by imprisonment in a county jail for 9, 10, or 11 years, and the trafficking of carfentanil by imprisonment in a county jail for 9, 12, or 15 years.

AB 2682 - Burke (D)

Disposition: Failed - Adjourned 
ANA\C Position: Support


Requires the board to appoint a committee of physicians and surgeons and nurses to make recommendations to the board on all matters relating to midwifery practice, including, but not limited to, education and appropriate standards of care.

AB 2759 - Santiago (D)

Disposition: Failed - Adjourned 
ANA\C Position: Oppose

Clinics and Health Facilities: Nurses

Prohibits clinics and health facilities that receive public funds from excluding students enrolled in a public community college associate degree prelicensure nursing program from clinical placement slots if the program has been approved by the Board of Registered Nursing, as specified. Prohibits clinics and health facilities from discriminating against a person because he or she completed an associate degree nursing program instead of a baccalaureate degree nursing program.

AB 2760 - Wood (D)

Disposition: Enacted

Prescription Drugs: Naloxone Hydrochloride

Requires a prescriber to offer a prescription for naloxone hydrochloride or another opioid antagonist to a patient when certain conditions are present and to provide education on overdose prevention and the use of naloxone hydrochloride or another opioid antagonist to the patient and specified others. Makes a violation of the bill's provisions unprofessional conduct and subjects the prescriber to discipline by the board charged with regulating his or her license.

AB 2850 - Rubio (D)

Disposition: Enacted

Nurse Assistant Training Programs: Distance Learning

Requires an online or distance learning nurse assistant training program to comply with specified requirements, including having trainees sign an affidavit attesting under penalty of perjury to their identity while completing the program. Authorizes an experienced licensed or registered nurse to provide instruction as part of a certified nurse assistant training program at a skilled nursing or intermediate care facility or in an educational institution.



SB 974 - Lara (D)

Disposition: Failed - Adjourned 

Medi-Cal: Immigration Status: Adults

Extends eligibility for full-scope Medi-Cal benefits to individuals of all ages who are otherwise eligible for those benefits but for their immigration status.

SB 984 - Skinner (D)

Disposition: Failed - Adjourned 

State Boards and Commissions: Representation: Women

Requires the composition of each appointed state board and commission to have a specified number of women directors based on the number of board or commission members. Requires the office of the Governor to collect and release aggregated demographic data provided by state board and commission applicants, nominees, and appointees.


SB 1023 - Hernandez (D)

Disposition: Failed - Adjourned 
ANA\C Position: Support

Reproductive Health Care Coverage

Clarifies that the requirement to provide family planning benefits under the Medi-Cal program does not prohibit family planning services from being delivered through telehealth, including mobile telehealth delivered according to clinical guidelines. Requires the Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment Program to cover services provided by a Family PACT provider through direct video and telephonic communications with a provider and direct or asynchronous care provided through a smartphone application.


SB 1127 - Hill (D)

Disposition: Vetoed

Pupil Health: Administration Of Medicinal Cannabis

Enacts Jojo's Act which authorizes the governing board of a school district, a county board of education, or the governing body of a charter school maintaining grades kindergarten through 12, to adopt, at a regularly scheduled meeting, a policy that allows a parent or guardian to possess and administer to a pupil who is a qualified patient, entitled to the protections of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 medicinal cannabis, excluding in a smokable or vapeable form, at the schoolsite.


SB 1138 - Skinner (D)

Disposition: Enacted

Food Options: Plant-based Meals

Requires the food provided to inmates to include the availability of plant based meals. Requires the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to develop a plan to make available the plant based meals on an overall cost neutral basis.


SB 1152 - Hernandez (D)

Disposition: Enacted

Hospital Patient Discharge Process: Homeless Patients

Requires each hospital to include a written homeless patient discharge planning policy and process within the hospital discharge policy. Requires a hospital to develop a written plan for coordinating services and referrals for homeless patients with the county behavioral health agency, health care and social service agencies in the region, health care providers, and nonprofit social service providers, as available, to assist with ensuring appropriate homeless patient discharge.

SB 1288 - Leyva (D)

Disposition: Vetoed
ANA\C Position: Support

Health and Care Facilities: Inspections

Requires state periodic inspections of the of health facilities to include reviews of compliance with the nurse-to-patient ratios and staff assignment regulations. Requires the State Department of Public Health to ensure that these inspections are not announced in advance of the date of inspections.

SB 1480 - Hill (D)

Disposition: Enacted

Professions and Vocations

Requires the various Boards under the Department of Consumer Affairs to meet a certain number of times a year. Requires the Director to amend complaint prioritization guidelines to include the category of allegations of serious harm to a minor. Amends the Medical Practice Act. Provides for the surrender of a nurse's license. Establishes a fee for the practice as a public health nurse. Provides for various other health care related professions.