ANA\C Bylaws


View ANA\C Bylaws  As amended at the ANA\C 2016 General Assembly.

Call for Proposed Amendments to ANA\C Bylaws

The ANA\C Bylaws Committee is seeking proposals from our members for amendments to ANA\C's Bylaws. Any ANA\C member may submit a proposal to amend our organizational Bylaws. This is a great opportunity to have your voice and ideas heard by submitting recommendations for change. 

To submit a proposal, follow these steps:

Step 1REVIEW the current ANA/California Bylaws

Step 2 – PROPOSED CHANGES must be documented on the Bylaws Change Form Template

Step 3 – EMAIL the change form with amendment(s) to [email protected]  and [email protected]; Subject Line: Bylaws Proposal

Step 4 – NO LESS THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE ANA\C 2018 GENERAL ASSEMBLY – all members will receive an email with all proposed Bylaws changes to review.

Step 5 – OFFICIAL VOTING AND RATIFICATION of the amended Bylaws will occur  in person at the ANA\C General Assembly in November 2018.

Deadline to Submit Bylaws Proposals: August 10, 2018


Bylaws Committee

Janette Moreno, Chair
Elissa Brown   
Emily Robins 
Kelly Straight                                                                                                                    

Contact the Bylaws Committee at: [email protected]