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Episode 23: The political power of nurses

Episode Description:

Nurses don’t think about how politics and policy making shape their roles, and Marketa Houskova believes that needs to change.

Marketa is the Executive Director of the California chapter of the ANA. On this episode of The Handoff, she speaks with Dan about why growing up in Czechoslovakia gave her a unique perspective on why it’s important to make your voice heard in government, and how that led to a career at the intersection of nursing, healthcare, politics, policy and administration.

Marketa believes that nurses have huge political power and that many of their skills around things like conflict resolution are highly transferable to the political sphere. In this conversation, she shares advice for nurses who want to get involved in politics and policy making, the legislation that she’s focused on right now and how California stacks up relative to other states when it comes to policies and regulation around nurses...


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