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What to Expect - Your Introduction to the Advocacy Institute Guide

Nursing advocacy in California has its benefits and challenges - this guide will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to advocate for the change you want to see.

What you'll learn in this section:

  • Why nurses are the right people to influence health policy

  • Perceived barriers to nurses' influence

  • What you'll learn in the Advocacy Institute Guide

  • Actionable tips for nurse advocates


Whether you are a new nurse or a registered nurse with 30 years of experience, there are times in your career when you will feel a change needs to be made - that you or ‘the system’ could do or be better.

You may want to provide higher-quality care for your patients and communities.

Or, perhaps, advocate for the advancement of your profession, grow nurse leaders and careers, or simply stand up for what is right.

But often, the road to creating change takes more than a single phone call, meeting, or social media post.

While nursing advocacy can be daunting, it can also lead to new opportunities. We are here to help you navigate your journey as a nurse advocate in California and support your advocacy efforts along the way.

In this introduction, we will demonstrate why nurses are agents of change and cover three main barriers nurses currently face to creating change.

We will also outline what you can expect from the Advocacy Institute Guide, Digital Courses, and the Fellowship programs. Our goal is to help you finish this series with a basic understanding of nursing advocacy in California as well as help you gain the confidence to create the change you want to see in nursing, healthcare, and life.

Why Nurses are the Right People to Influence Health Policy