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Uniting for Veterans' Health: The Backstory of Our Veteran's Health Campaign

A short story about how a shared agenda, profound awareness, and decisive action led to the creation of a new campaign in California.


In a pivotal moment of collaboration and commitment, the American Nurses Association\California (ANA\C) has embarked on a transformative journey to address the unique health issues faced by veterans.

Our connection with Dr. Ali Tayyeb PhD, RN, NPD-BC, PHN, a US Navy Veteran and prominent advocate for veterans' health, on March 1st, 2022, sparked a passionate dialogue about the pressing needs of this deserving population. This initial contact set in motion a series of events that led us to create an impactful campaign focused on veteran health issues.

Recognizing the urgency of the matter, we joined forces with Dr. Ali Tayyeb to organize a groundbreaking webinar, The State of the California Veteran. Renowned speakers from various disciplines were invited to shed light on the complex and pressing health issues faced by veterans. Their presentations were a wake-up call, revealing the profound challenges veterans encounter in accessing adequate healthcare and support services.

The revelations from the webinar deeply impacted our leadership, propelling us into action. Fueled by our mission to advocate for nursing excellence and promote health equity, we recognized the urgent need to address the health disparities and struggles faced by veterans. Acknowledging that nurses play a pivotal role in the care of veterans, we swiftly approved a campaign solely dedicated to veteran health issues.

On June 9th, the culmination of our tireless efforts and unwavering dedication came to fruition as we officially launched our veteran health campaign. With a comprehensive strategy in place, our campaign aims to raise awareness, foster collaboration, and empower nurses to make a significant impact on veterans' lives. Through educational initiatives, advocacy efforts, and resource development, we seek to transform the landscape of veteran health care in California.


ANA\C would like to thank Dr. Ali Tayyeb for sharing his profound awareness of the challenges faced by veterans to ignite this movement. This partnership serves as a shining example of the profound impact that collaboration and advocacy can have in addressing critical health issues.


Dr. Ali R. Tayyeb Bio

Dr. Ali R. Tayyeb is a United States Navy Veteran, having served as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman with Naval Medical Center San Diego, 1st Marine Division, and 3rd Marine Division.

After his military service, Dr. Tayyeb pursued his career as a Registered Nurse, earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Nursing from California State University, Los Angeles and his Ph.D. from the University of San Diego. Dr. Tayyeb’s experiences in the healthcare field include combat trauma, emergency medicine, education, Human Patient Simulation, Professional Development, Leadership, Veterans Healthcare, and Policy.

Dr. Tayyeb is a Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholar Alumnus and is the Creator, Producer, and Host of the RN-Mentor Podcast and Blog. He is also the creator of RN-Doodle, DOC’s Veterans Corner, Zero Dark Thirty, and the Hike to Thrive Program.

Dr. Tayyeb Currently serves as the Director of Educational Technology & Innovation and holds the rank of Associate Adjunct Professor at the UCLA School of Nursing.

Dr. Tayyeb’s research, education, and advocacy interests in Veterans related topics include: Transition from military service, Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Depression, Alcohol and Drug abuse, Pain, Suicide, Family environment, Disenfranchisement, Policy, Culture, Veteran Benefits & Reintegration.

Though Dr. Tayyeb’s research is primarily veteran-centric, his work has evolved into the exploration of systemic failures and advancing social networks to connect and advance nursing issues while facilitating nursing discourse centered around the theory of social contracts.

Dr. Tayyeb is also ANCC nationally board certified in Nursing Professional Development and greatly invested in professional development, role development, and pushing the boundaries of the nursing profession through the diversity of people, thought, advocacy, and the arts.

For more about Dr. Ali Tayyeb:

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