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Continuing education for aspiring advocates.

Impact of Moral Injury Webinar Wix Event

The Impact of Moral Injury on Nurses

Examining the nature and consequences of moral injury in frontline nurses during COVID-19 and it's effects on nurse turnover.

1.0 CE

Nurse Incivility Webinar Wix Event Image.png

Nurse Civility and Why It Matters: The Elephant in the Room

The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of incivility in nursing.

1.5 CE

Precision Health and Genomics Webinar Wix Event IMage.png

Precision Health & Genomics

Benefits, barriers, and implementation strategies to improving public health goals.

1.0 CE

RN to NAP Delegation Wix Event Image.png

RN to Nursing Assistant Personnel (NAP) Delegation

Identifying the attitudes and preparedness of acute care nurses in California and how this translates into their delegations skills to NAPs.

1.0 CE

Virtual and in-person advocacy.