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Nurses in Media Day 2023

This an annual event to increase your knowledge, skills, and confidence in engaging in media opportunities.

*Below is a lightly edited transcription of Nurses in Media Day 2023.*


Jared Fesler

Good morning and welcome to the second annual Nurses in Media Day 2023. This event is dedicated to increasing your knowledge, skills and confidence in engaging in media opportunities. You may be familiar with the Woodhall study conducted in both 1997 and 2017. And that study found that nurses are largely underrepresented in media features sources than only 2% and health related news stories down from 4% in 1997, and significantly lower than their physician counterparts at 18%.

Jared Fesler

Nurses in Media Day is a call to action for all nurses to learn to engage with media so our voices can be heard on issues concerning public and community health, our practice and our profession. Nurses In Media Day agenda will consist of three parts. First, the media policy and culture panel discussion, followed by media success stories from nurse advocates, as well as many media trainings to give you the actionable skills and tools to engage with media effectively.

Jared Fesler

We'd like to also thank our proud sponsors, the Working Nurse Magazine, and The Nursing Beat for their amazing support in bringing nurses voices to the forefront of the conversation.

Jared Fesler

Today, I'm going to be introducing fellow Alicia Truelove, who will moderate today's panel discussion...

Jared Fesler


Melissa Vizcarra Kevin said, nurses versus doctors getting you know, media coverage, what we try to do on our end, we write a lot of our own content, and, you know, push it out to the media as well. So we posted it on our newsroom. But those stories that we write, we try really hard to balance it to have a nurse voice in there along with an MD or PhD as well. So whenever that and then, as a result, ideally, hopefully, you know, if media decide to pick up that story, they'll ask to interview the doctor or the nurse. Or we'll also just push it upon them and say like, oh, well, Dr. Stone says not available, but a nurse is.

Alicia Truelove

Thank you, those are really interesting points. And I appreciate you, Chantal and Melissa, Kevin for sharing. But Alice, we've heard from some of our communications experts, but coming from a nursing perspective, how can nurses best approach and engage their communication or immediate departments?

Alice Benjamin