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Nurses Promoting Vaccination Equity by Christine Locke | Episode 2 - Amplified RN News Show

ANA\California Member and media-trained nurse, Christine Locke, BSN, RN, discusses how registered nurses can advocate for access to vaccinations for vulnerable communities in a post-pandemic world.

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Jared Fesler 0:14

Welcome to the Amplified RN News Show where we're turning up the volume on nursing news in California. Today, we're going to be diving into the topic of increasing vaccination equity in a post-pandemic world. We're joined by Christine Locke an ANA\California member and media trained nurse. Thank you for joining us, Christine, would you please introduce yourself and why you're an expert on this topic?

Christine Locke 0:37

Hi, there. thank you Jared for having me. My name is Christine Locke. I'm a registered nurse. I also obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and I hold a public health certification through the State of California Board of Registered Nursing. I've worked for several years now with the COVID-19 pandemic on obtaining health equity with vaccinations and our most underserved populations.

Jared Fesler 1:03

So tell us a little bit more about the problem and these equity issues. What is the extent of this issue?

Christine Locke 1:12

Well, thank you for asking me that Jared. The federal government is going to very shortly be discontinuing the federal program with COVID-19 vaccinations. Currently in Los Angeles County only 23.8% of people who are eligible to obtain vaccination have gotten that vaccination that life saving booster shot. So what I implore is that we work with the state and local government, in addition to Gavin Newsom, our governor's team to bring equity within Los Angeles County to provide those life saving vaccinations for when the federal government is going to stop providing them.