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2021 Awards Announcement

Five prestigious awards for nurse leaders and advocates in California.

President's Award - ANA\California San Diego Taskforce

The ANA\California President Award 2021 is being awarded to the ANA\California San Diego Region Task Force for your exemplary leadership and unrelenting advocacy in ethics, access to care, human rights, racism and social justice during the 2020 protests and demonstration in the San Diego area. Your Task Force did exemplary work in the areas of policy, advocacy, and practice. Your ongoing focus on ethics, racism, and human rights violations in San Diego communities highlighted the ingrained system of systematic racism and inequality and served as a catalyst for change in public policy.

Based on your advocacy, ANA\California drafted an immediate public statement condemning the use of force on nurses providing first-aid care to injured protesters, submitted a letter to the SD Chief of Police, and published a sample letter that nurses in other communities used in their communications with police departments. Moreover, your advocacy efforts brought media focus, your stories were described in published articles and shared in TV interviews.

This Task Force shall serve as a role model -or as a prime example- for nursing advocacy in action, increasing nursing presence in communities, and strengthening nursing voices outside of academic settings and clinical facilities. The ANA\California San Diego Region Task Force truly embodies everything the ANA Code of Ethics -and ANA\California- stand for. We could not be prouder of our members.


Public Policy Award - ANA\California's Racism in Nursing and Healthcare Workgroup

ANA\California is proud to award the 2021 Public Policy Award to the ANA\California Racism in Healthcare Work Group! Your work has been nothing short of outstanding and absolutely stellar. Your approach to changing deeply ingrained policies of racism in healthcare institutions by creating a user-friendly toolkit aimed at both; the 1) staff nurse level, and the 2) nurse manager level created a groundbreaking and innovative approach to a sustainable policy change!

The toolkit that will be published during Nurses Week 2021 will be shared with other professional state and national nursing /healthcare associations, federal & state regulatory agencies, accreditation agencies, healthcare systems, coalition partners, education institutions, and with other interested stakeholders.

This important work stemmed from ANA\California advocacy efforts in the wake of the George Floyd murder and the nationwide protests & demonstrations that ensued, and as a consequence of our Racism in Healthcare panel discussions held in early June 2020. This fundamental work is currently in its ‘pilot project phase’ and is already gathering an enormous amount of attention in the media, state and national healthcare systems, ambulatory clinics, in national organizations and regulatory bodies.