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ANA\California Board of Directors and Committee Position Descriptions

Note: The following document describes the competencies, roles, and responsibilities of ANA\California's elected offices. If you are interested in running for ANA\California Office, please review the position descriptions below. All interested parties wishing to place their name on the ballot must complete a Consent to Serve Form during the communicated dates.

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List of Positions

Board of Director - President

Board of Director - Vice President

Board of Director - Secretary

Board of Director - Treasurer

Board of Director - Legislative Director

Board of Director - Nursing Practice Director

Board of Director - Nursing Education Director

Board of Director - Membership Director

Committee Member - Ballot Committee

ANA Membership Assembly Representatives and Alternates


Board of Director - President


Serves as the official representative of ANA\C and its spokesperson on matters of ANA\C policy and position. Serve as the chairperson of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors. Exercises personal leadership in the motivation of other officers, board members, elected and appointed officials, and the membership.

Board of Directors Core Competencies

All members of the Board of Directors shall demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Lead with a stewardship perspective and communication style that effectively and actively engages stakeholders in the work of the association.

  2. Mentor current and future members to promote their professional growth and support effective leadership succession within the association.

  3. Translate healthcare and professional trends into future-oriented, practical strategies to meet association goals and objectives.

  4. Develop well-informed strategies that are sensitive to the various needs of multiple stakeholders and partners, reflect the strategic direction of the association, and position the association for success.

  5. Provide overall direction for the association to effectively manage existing resources and cultivate new resources.