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Pre-Licensure Lobby Day for Nursing Students (Recording)

This event was held on April 4th, 2022 in partnership with the California Nursing Student Association (CNSA) and was for all pre-licensure nursing students in California to discuss legislation, regulation, and policy directly impacting healthcare.

Learning to become an advocate is essential for a nurses' newly chosen career.

This highly sought-after virtual event was instructed by ANA\C's Executive Director Dr. Marketa Houskova DNP, MAIA, BA, RN, and licensed lobbyist, Roxanne Gould.

The goal of this virtual conference was to provide the tools that future nurses need to effectively participate in the legislative process and support the nursing agenda throughout the state of California. Strengthening the voice of nursing can and will protect and enhance the nursing profession as well as nursing's position in political and regulatory arenas.

Topics of discussion:

- Increasing difficulty to get into nursing school contributing to shortage of nurses in workforce

- Limited residency/new graduate nurse programs

- Raising awareness on benefits of residency programs

- Limited clinical opportunities because of the COVID pandemic

- Limited instruction on caring for COVID patients

- Students being required to purchase their own PPE or pay for their own FIT tests

- Limited scholarship/financial aid opportunities (especially for students that hold bachelor's degrees in other fields)

- Creating a framework for nursing students/nursing community for natural disasters or national emergencies that will allow nursing students and other students to continue their schooling to prevent a shortage in the workforce

This event created a platform allowing nursing students to ask questions, voice concerns, and learn from healthcare leaders on how and why utilizing their voices as an advocate is essential to their careers.

Watch the full recording here:

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