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RN Day at the Capitol 2023

The biggest nursing advocacy event of the year!

Tune into ANA\California's RN Day at the Capitol 2023 video recording below to learn:

  • A 2023-2024 Legislative Session Overview

  • An update on important nursing legislation in California

  • Messages from California Senators and Assemblymembers

  • What the Advocacy Institute Guide is and how it can help you

  • How to increase nurses' value and influence

RN Day 2023 Agenda:

  • Opening Remarks by ANA\California President, Dr. Anita Girard

  • 2023-2024 Legislative Overview by ANA\California's Executive Director, Dr. Marketa Houskova, and contracted lobbyist, Roxanne Gould.

  • Advocacy Institute Guide Announcement by Jared Fesler, Melissa Sablik, and Rachael Viale.

  • Nursing Advocacy in Policy and Politics by BJ Bartleson


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