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Assessments to eradicate racism in nursing.

We uncover systemic barriers so you can focus on sustainable solutions.

Systemic biases perpetuate underrepresentation and reinforce disparities within our healthcare and nursing education settings.
These biases not only undermine the professional confidence of nurses but also disrupt collaboration within healthcare teams, hinder career progression, and impact the quality of patient care.
Our assessments are designed to uncover these deeply rooted barriers, enabling nursing and healthcare leaders to focus on sustainable solutions that promote diversity, equity, inclusivity, accessibility, and anti-racism.



of registered nurses are from minority backgrounds

2020 National Nursing Workforce Survey



of nurses say they have personally experienced an act of racism in the workplace.

American Nurses Association



of nurses have challenged racism, with 64% of those efforts resulting in no charge.

American Nurses Association

An assessment for health institutions.

Begin your institution's anti-racism journey by conducting a comprehensive organizational scan and examining individual perspectives among nursing staff and management.

Benchmark your policies and practices, shape your approach, and drive sustainable change through actionable, anti-racism insights with our Assessment to Eradicate Racism in Nursing™ and Report.

  • Anonymized Reporting

  • Customized Benchmarking

  • Actionable Recommendations

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Identify Systemic Barriers and Biases

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Enhance Anti-Racism Initiative Effectiveness

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Strengthen Trust Between Staff and Management

Racism in nursing assessment data

Download our Assessment to Eradicate Racism in Nursing™ Case Study Report.

Discover insights from a case study involving two California-based health institutions on a journey to drive transformative change, create an equitable workforce, and advance anti-racism practices and policies.

Nicole Mitchell.jpg

Nicole Mitchell MBA CDP, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

From an organizational standpoint, this assessment allows us to capture where we have gaps in what we're trying to build as an organization. It's a way that we can build a stronger education messaging plan to bring people together because we would have a gap analysis.

Quanna Batiste Brown #2.jpg

Dr. Quanna Batiste-Brown DNP RN NEA-BC FAAN,
Taskforce Member

The assessment is helpful because when you start talking about the perception of racism it's easy for the majority to dismiss what minorities are saying. But when you have data it's really difficult to dismiss the conversation.

Charlotte Gullap-Moore #3.jpg

Dr. Charlotte Gullap-Moore DNP MSN APRN ANP-BC, Taskforce Member 

This tool is designed to help generate current data from various members of the nursing community, like bedside nurses, inpatient and outpatient nurses, nurse managers, nurse administrators, and those in the C-suite.

An assessment for nursing education.

Align Institutional Strategic Initiatives

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Strengthen Trust Between School and Community

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Collaborate with External Organizations

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Begin your nursing school's anti-racism journey by conducting an in-depth organizational scan and analyzing individual viewpoints among nursing faculty, administration, and students.

Evaluate your policies and programs, develop your strategy, and drive transformation with actionable, insights promoting anti-racism with our Assessment to Eradicate Racism in Nursing Education™.


  • Anonymous Assessment

  • Feedback Mechanisms

  • Case Study Report

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Advocacy Institute Fellowship: Racism in Nursing


During their one-year commitment, Fellows will leverage ANA\California's network of coalitions, partners, media, and political contacts to engage new opportunities for creating sustainable change in nursing.

Meet our current Fellows and alumni.

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Continuing Education Hours: Racism in Nursing


We collaborate with industry-leading experts to create continuing education opportunities for aspiring advocates.

Not a member? Not a problem. All of our CE events are free for everyone.

Meet Our Taskforces

We extend heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated members of our Taskforces, who passionately drive ANA\California's anti-racism initiatives in health institutions and nursing education. Your commitment to dismantling systemic racism in healthcare is invaluable, and together, we forge a more equitable future. Thank you for your unwavering dedication.

To remain silent is to be complicit.

What will you do to eradicate racism in nursing and healthcare?

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