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The Nursing Voice Vol. 60 - Step Up To The Mic

The Nursing Voice is a quarterly publication written by ANA\California staff and members.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph W. Emerson


Table of Contents


Executive Director Report

By: Dr. Marketa Houskova DNP, MAIA, BA, RN

While many Holiday reports focus on the customary year-end summaries of work done, I would like us to look ahead instead to what is coming next. I couldn't be more excited for this organization to offer as many high-quality programs as we are in this next year.

We will kick off the New Year with our brand-new ANA\C Advocacy Mentorship program where we will welcome 50 mentees and 50 mentors. Over six weeks, MentorLead (formerly known as LifeMoxie) and our ANA\C Mentorship Advisory Workgroup designed and created this important member benefit. I would like to thank the workgroup members Trarina Jerome Harris, Gilanie De Castro, Dr. Charles 'Chuck' Griffis, Erin Pope, Janette Moreno, and Josh Wymer for their time, expertise, wisdom, and vision.

At the end of January 2022, we will host a webinar on Nursing & Policing by Dr. Danisha Jenkins. In light of nurses' presence at many protests in recent years - and their experiences with law enforcement - we are so excited to talk about this important topic. Dr. Jenkins will also return for a webinar on Nursing Moral Injury later in Spring 2022.

We're reviewing research data from two Racism in Nursing case studies we conducted during 2021. This will further our mission to combat racism in nursing and healthcare. We are hoping to follow this up with a warm welcome to Daniella Vargas from the National Commission of Racism in Nursing to talk about the fundamental aspect of policy change related to this topic.

In February 2022, another first for ANA\C, we will be hosting our inaugural Nurses in Media Day virtual event LIVE! We invited four nurses who are self-made media experts to give actionable insights on how to grow your presence and influence through digital and traditional media. Nursing voices are so crucial in all media - this is a must-attend event.

We will follow up the public event with an invite-only Nurses in Media Training with Barbara Glickstein in March 2022. This event will be an intensive media training and is designed for nurses who want to further their media presence.

On April 24, 2022, we will host our annual General Assembly at the Sheraton in downtown Sacramento, CA. We’ve had a contract with Sheraton since 2019, so we are all crossing our fingers for an in-person event. The very next day, Monday, April 25, 2022, we will be hosting our flagship and most successful event, RN Day at the Capitol! (Again, hoping for an in-person event.)

Moreover, we are also:

  • Hosting our inaugural class of Advocacy Institute Fellows virtually in March 2022 as they present their final policy project!

  • In April, celebrating those Fellows' work over the past 12 months AND welcoming six applicants for the Advocacy Institute Fellowship 2023!

  • Working with our APRN coalition partners and brainstorming a California APRN Summit.

  • Putting together a panel discussion and are in talks about establishing a workgroup focused on veterans’ issues and their access to care. (Did you know California has the largest number of veterans in the U.S., beating Texas and Florida?)

  • Continuing to monitor 2022 legislation, regulations, and other policy change.

What an exciting Spring 2022! We hope to see you all there.

I thank you for your dedication and commitment to professional nursing and for your membership in this organization. My deep thanks and gratitude go to the ANA\C Board of Directors and to ANA\C Staff and Contractors. We could not do anything without you! THANK YOU.

Here is to a peaceful Holiday Season 2021 spent with your loved ones and a Happy New Year 2022!

Your Executive Director,



ANA\California Hires Chelsea Gianna

Please give a warm welcome to our new Member Engagement & Communication Associate! Chelsea will be assisting our growing communications team with new programs, social media, newsletters, and so much more.


3 Things Members Should Know Before California's 2022 Legislative Session

ANA\California staff sat down with Roxanne Gould, ANA\California's contracted lobbyist, to ask questions that would help nurses understand what will happen early on in the legislative process next year.

Here's what you should know:


What do lobbying organizations do at the beginning of a legislative session?

Lobbying organizations are your voice in the State Capitol and Legislative process. And ANA\California is the only nursing association in California with a contracted, licensed lobbyist.

Every year approximately 2500 bills are introduced. It is our job to monitor each bill as it is amended and proceeds through the legislative process. In January 2022, we will spend the early weeks monitoring newly introduced bills and bills carrying over from the previous year.

We strive to identify bills that impact the profession of nursing, in positive or negative ways. If they have a positive impact on nursing, we communicate our support of the bill with members of the Legislature and staff, while also testifying in committee hearings in an effort to assist the bill being passed and signed into law.

If a bill has a negative impact on the professions of nursing, we attempt to have the bill(s) amended to remove the adverse effect on nursing. If the author of the bill is not amenable to our amendment proposal, we will lobby against the bill in an effort to stop its passage.

What is a 2-year bill and how are they treated differently?

First, every two years, the California Legislature reconvenes for a new session. The Legislature held its first year of the two-year session on January 1st, 2021, and the session will not adjourn until the fall of 2022.

Second, the Legislature has various deadlines that a bill must meet in order to advance through the Legislative process. This means that a bill that is introduced early in the first half of a two-year session but is delayed because it can’t meet those deadlines is granted a bit of “extra time” to pass in the House (Senate or Assembly) that it was introduced in. It then has until January 31st of the 2nd year of a two-year session to pass.

If the bill does not pass by that deadline, the bill is “dead” for the remainder of the session.

How does Legislation affect nurses?

Legislation is introduced that impacts every industry, including nursing. And many times legislation will impact multiple industries, creating conflicts of interest.

Legislation may attempt to expand or limit the scope of practice of nurses, attempt to mandate nurse/patient ratios or mandate whether or not healthcare professionals must be vaccinated in order to be allowed to work.

In the past, there has been legislation that defined who is considered to be an independent contractor. Nurses working in rural areas were relying on multiple contracts at different hospitals because the institutions didn't need as many full-time employees or specialist nurses. Those nurses are no longer allowed to work as independent contractors, thus exacerbating the access to healthcare issues the rural areas were already experiencing for some time now.

Despite our efforts to educate the author and the Legislature as to the unintended consequences the bill would have on the profession of nursing, this bill - now known for the impact it's had on Uber and many others - passed and was signed by the Governor.

On a positive note, last year - with the help of 80+ associations - we passed a historic bill allowing nurse practitioners to practice at the top of their license! This was a huge effort and will help increase access to care and lower the cost of care to many underserved and underrepresented communities in California.

But the fight isn't done... see our Letter to the California BRN.


Comments on the Draft Regulations by the Nurse Practitioner Advisory Committee

By: CANP, CACNS, ANA\California, and CNMA

"On November 10th, 2021, the California Association for Nurse Practitioners, the California Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, the American Nurses Association\California, and the California Nurse-Midwives Association submitted comments and provided feedback on the draft regulations by the Nurse Practitioner Advisory Committee dated October 21, 2021, regarding the implementation of AB 890.

The letter highlighted several aspects (and issues) regarding:

  • Clinical Field of Nursing

  • Primary Care

  • Categories of Nurse Practitioners

  • Requirements for Certification as a 103 Nurse Practitioner

  • Transition to Practice

  • Requirements for Certification as an Independent Nurse Practitioner

ANA\California continues to advocate with 80+ coalition partners at BRN meetings and with key decision-makers throughout the state."

*Read the full letter by downloading this PDF.

Coalition Letter to BRN AB 890 11-10-21
Download PDF • 301KB

4 Updates - Advocacy Institute Fellowship 2022

A little over four months remain for our four Fellows! It has been wonderful to watch these nurses develop campaigns, meet national experts, and create real change. One thing is for certain: They've all experienced the true journey of policy work!

Here is an update about each of our four Fellows, what they have been up to, and what is coming soon.


Five Barriers to Positive Mental Health in Nurses

Fellow, Carolyn Dueñas, MBA, RN, RNC-OB

Following our incredible hour and a half panel discussion (hosted by Carolyn) with renowned experts in mental health, executive operations, and technology, ANA\California staff met with our Fellow to summarize the biggest barriers discussed.

Here are the top five barriers to positive mental health in nurses:

  1. Lack of Destigmatization of Mental Health Illness

  2. Lack of Employee Protections and Benefits

  3. Lack of Employer Awareness and Responsibility

  4. Lack of Funding to Provide Evidence-Based Research on Solutions

  5. Lack of Solutions Designed Specifically for Nurses

Coming in early 2022, Carolyn will be giving a detailed analysis of the top 25+ services and solutions currently used by health systems in California.


What Nurses Need to Create a Shared Future of Nursing Agenda

Fellow, Make'da Traynum, MSN, RN

The Future of Nursing Report 2020-2030 will guide nursing advocacy in California and across the nation for the next decade. Fellow Make'da Traynum recently published an article calling for nursing associations and organizations to hold themselves accountable by being transparent in their actions and how they align with the FON Report.

Read the full article here.


Two Magnet Hospitals Take our Racism in Nursing Assessments

Fellow, Carter Todd MS, MBA, RN, CCRN

Two Los Angeles-based hospitals are participating in a case study with ANA\California to pilot an assessment and action plans that assess individual and organizational awareness of racism and racist policies.

The data will be under review by ANA\California's Racism in Nursing Workgroup, our Fellow, and a nurse researcher into early next year in which we plan to early results.

However, it's not too late to take the Assessment! Visit our Racism in Nursing Campaign page to get access.


Pesticide Use in California and its Effects Webinar Coming Soon

Fellow, Alicia Catanese, BSN, RN, NC-BCC-OB

Several California cities appear on all three lists of the most polluted cities in the United States. A contributing factor to this pollution, especially in California's agricultural climate, is the use of pesticides.

This has led Alicia to work with the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, the American Lung Association, and many others.

Soon we will be hosting an educational webinar to enlighten nurses in California about the usage of pesticides in proximity to sensitive populations such as school children and elderly communities; with little or no notice.


Upcoming Events 2022

Our flagship program is empowering the next generation of nurse advocates. Join our 2nd cohort starting in April 2022. ANA\California members only.

It is simple. You will grow faster with a mentor. ANA\California's new Advocacy Mentorship Program is designed to pair new nurses with experienced nurse advocates. ANA\California members only.

We're excited to host the first conference for nurses wanting to build their presence online and through media. Join us and nursing media experts for a day of important discussions, tips, and strategies.

This year, our annual in-person conference focuses on actions nurses can take to improve health equity within their institution, in their communities and their profession.

The single biggest nursing advocacy day of the year follows our General Assembly! Join hundreds of nurses taking over the Capital in Sacramento, speaking with legislators, and learning about how nurses can have an effect on politics.


A very special thank you to all of our members, coalition partners, colleagues, and friends for making every year a memorable one. We wish you a very happy holiday season and happy New Year!


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