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Care of the Patients with Opioid Use Disorder

**1.0 CE** Join our webinar to learn how to create a safe and non-judgmental environment to encourage open communication and respect the dignity and autonomy of patients with substance abuse issues.

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 Care of the Patients with Opioid Use Disorder
 Care of the Patients with Opioid Use Disorder

Time & Location

Jul 11, 2023, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM


About the Event

Nurses play a crucial role in caring for patients with substance abuse. Substance abuse can encompass a wide range of substances, including alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medications.

The abuse of opioids has reached alarming levels in the state of California, posing a significant public health crisis. With its large population and diverse communities, California has experienced a surge in opioid misuse, leading to devastating consequences for individuals, families, and communities alike.

 Nurses provide holistic care, support, and treatment to these patients, addressing their physical, psychological, and social needs. It's important to note that the scope of nursing practice varies depending on the healthcare setting, local regulations, and the nurse's level of education and training. Opioid addiction is a complex condition influenced by a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors. Understanding the causes of opioid addiction can help in developing prevention strategies and providing appropriate treatment. 

Learning Objectives: 

-Describe and define opioid use disorder (OUD).

-Review the neurobiology and pathophysiology of addiction.

-Explain evidence-based treatment guidelines for OUD.

-Discuss the nursing care of the patient with OUD.

-Discuss concerns of the nursing community regarding issues of opioid use and misuse, and care of patients with OUD.

Course Outline:

-Define Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)

-Neuro-biological basis of OUD

-Explain the addiction cycle

-List the consequences and pathophysiology of OUD

-Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Guidelines

-Nursing Care of the Patient with OUD

-Assessment and evaluation of pts who admit to OUD

-Assessment and evaluation of pts who have suspectice OUD

-Elicit medical history

-Physical examination

-Care Measures and Interventions

-Treating pain in pts with OUD

-Sepsis and infection screening


-GI complications of OUD

-Psychological and social services support

-Discharge planning

-Discussion and Questions


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