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Break Down: Key Moments from the First Legislative Video of the Year!

Watch our first video update of the year featuring ANA\California's CEO, Policy Aide, and contracted lobbyist.
Tune in to get a detailed overview of key bills with significant potential impact to nurses and healthcare in California.

Quick Highlights:

  • Bills Watched

  • Important Legislative Date:

    • March 20th: Spot Bill amendment deadline


Read the full legislative update below.


Updates on Introduced Legislation

AB 977 (Rodriguez) Emergency departments: assault and battery

Aligned with our Coalition Partner: Emergency Nurses Association

This bill will make an assault committed against a nurse in the emergency department a punishable offense by imprisonment, a fine, or both. 

AB 2104 (Soria) /SB 895 (Roth) Community colleges: baccalaureate degree in nursing pilot program

These bills will launch a baccalaureate nursing pilot program across California, prioritizing 15 community college districts in underserved nursing areas and impoverished communities. 

SB 1015 (Cortese) Nursing schools and programs

The Nursing Education and Workforce Advisory Committee at the Board of Registered Nursing will assess and recommend standards of how nursing programs should manage clinical facilities and placement. The report will be submitted to the Legislature annually. 

AB 2090 (Irwin) Office of farm to fork: food deserts: transportation

This bill would create the Office of Farm to Fork to increase access to agricultural products for underserved communities and schools in the state, by identifying barriers to achieving healthy food options in those areas.

AB 1976 (Haney) Occupational safety & health standards: first aid kits: naloxone hydrochloride

This bill would require all first aid kits in a workplace to include nasal spray naloxone hydrochloride. 

SB 903 (Skinner) Environmental health: product safety: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances

This bill would prohibit the distribution, selling, or offering of products containing PFAs, the forever chemical that is found in plastic food ware, food, & water supplies. 

AB 2250(Weber)   Social determinants of health: screening and outreach

This bill would require a SDOH screening to be included in Medi-Cal service plan or health insurance policy. Depending on the SDOH screening results, the individual will have access to community health workers, social workers, and peer support specialists through their physician. 

AB 1895 (Weber) Public health: maternity ward closures

This spot bill was introduced to address the current maternity ward closure crisis currently happening in California, especially in rural & lower socioeconomic areas that have been greatly impacted. 

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